Looking for a marketing research service to help grow your small business?


The Research Toolkit is designed to help you understand your greatest source of competitive intelligence.

Your customers.

Unlike other marketing research services, we give you the skills and templates so you can do your own research.

Easily measure what customers think about your products and services and use these new insights to grow your business.

We’re based in Melbourne but working with small businesses globally to grow understanding of customers.

Ready to get customer feedback?

Here’s everything you need to get started now

Ever wanted to get customer feedback? We’ve done the work for you, and created a ready-to-go survey that you can use right now. Surveys are customised for different types of small businesses – there’s sure to be one that’s right for your small business.

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Hi, I’m Elyssia. We all know the stats about small business – it can be a tough gig!

​Developing a really good understanding of your customers – who they are and what they’re expecting of you – is critical to success.

By taking the time to understand your customers – their needs, their expectations, and their experiences with you – you can ensure the products and services you’re delivering encourage your customers to return, and make it easy to get new customers in the door.

​But getting formal “market research” or “user experience” research can be prohibitively expensive for a small business – especially in those early days. ​So the Research Toolkit is a marketing research service designed to plug the gap and give you the tools you need to start getting insights quickly and easily.

You can read more about how my journey started here, and learn more about my professional credentials here.

Learn 33 ways to connect with your customers

Download the ebook

Struggling to understand your audience? Wish you knew more about your customers? Written exclusively for small businesses, our latest e-book has 33 tips you can use right away to get fresh insights about your audience and grow your business.

Want to read our privacy policy before you download? No problem, you can find it here.

How I can help

Survey in a box

How happy are your customers? Easily find out with our Survey in a Box – customised for your type of business, it has everything you need to get customer feedback quickly and easily.

Get a Customer health check

Are your customers happy? Find out with our Customer Health Check

Free downloads

Free downloads including e-books and infographics to help you get practical customer feedback so you can keep doing what’s working, and fix what’s not.

Free survey checker

Got a survey written? We’ll give it a once over to make sure it gets you the insights you need. A fantastic survey makes for a great experience for your participants, and better data so you can make confident decisions.

Read our blog

Check out our blog where we reguarly write articles on everything from market research, focus groups, analytics through to general career advice and guidance.

Hands-on learning

Want to know how to get customer feedback? Head to the Research Toolkit Academy for short video tutorials to guide you through the process.

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