Hi, I’m Elyssia

​I’ve been doing research with people for over 20 years, and in that time have had the privilege of working with a huge number of clients both locally and internationally.  I’ve undertaken research on everything from baked beans, to electricity, superannuation, toothpaste, planes – you name it, I’ve talked to people about it! There’s nothing more rewarding than listening to people, exploring their views and then using those insights to build or improve products and services.

​Every day I’m invited to do surveys– and seeing people make the effort to get the views of others is awesome. But doing research can be harder than it looks, and it’s not always easy to figure out which questions to ask, in what order, and how to make sense of the results.

Over the years I’ve benefited from amazing teachers and mentors. Now it’s time to pay it forward. I’ve created the Research toolkit to empower anyone to do great research. Research that helps you make decisions. Move forward. And incorporate the most important voice in your next job – be it your customer, audience or user. Subscribe for fortnightly tips and tricks, and share the love.

​Oh yes, and the opinions contained in this website are mine only, and not representative of any employer.


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Survey in a box

How happy are your customers? Easily find out with our Survey in a Box – customised for your type of business, it has everything you need to get customer feedback quickly and easily.

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Are your customers happy? Find out with our Customer Health Check

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Free downloads including e-books and infographics to help you get practical customer feedback so you can keep doing what’s working, and fix what’s not.

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Got a survey written? We’ll give it a once over to make sure it gets you the insights you need. A fantastic survey makes for a great experience for your participants, and better data so you can make confident decisions.

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Check out our blog where we reguarly write articles on everything from market research, focus groups, analytics through to general career advice and guidance.

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Want to know how to get customer feedback? Head to the Research Toolkit Academy for short video tutorials to guide you through the process.

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