Get feedback about your Dietician practice


Are you a dietician? Here’s a ready to go customer satisfaction questionnaire designed especially for you.

Survey in a box has everything you need to get customer feedback today.


Are you a Dietician?
Here’s everything you need to get client feedback quickly and easily.
Your Survey in a Box includes:
1. A customised survey template you can tailor and re-use at any time.
2. Instructional video on building a survey in SurveyMonkey.
3. A prepared email to send to your clients, inviting them to participate in your survey.
4. Step by step instructions on using your Survey in a Box.
5. Tips on writing effective emails for future surveys.
6. Guidance on how to interpret the data from your survey.
7. Bonus infographic – 8 tips to survey success.
Stop guessing if your clients are happy – ask them today!

Please note : Requires Microsoft word. This product also requires you to have a list of clients.